Ayush Kumar Singh

Ayush Kumar Singh


“I think if someone is not facing any challenges, he is not an entrepreneur.”Ayush is a 22-year-old from Raebareli. Since childhood, he had only one dream – of being a successful businessman. It was during his diploma studies that he first heard of the word ‘entrepreneur’ and realized he wanted to be different from other people.When Ayush felt the calling to start something of his own, he thought of helping students and entrepreneurs - and started TGISES or The Group for Incubating Students and Entrepreneurs by Strikers.TGISES is a team of young professionals working towards empowering students and entrepreneurs. His team is creating a single platform that provides affordable but high-value services to their community – many of whom are not able to get high quality education and skills due to lack of access and financial resources.Since 2020, his start-up has been providing guidance and mentorship to entrepreneurs, and helping students build life skills and technical skills. Being an entrepreneur, Ayush faces challenges regularly. The first was making the plunge itself – to choose entrepreneurship or a corporate job as a career option. Second, that in a start-up journey, there’s no roadmap to success or even the right guidance. And third, the question of survival until a start-up starts to generate profit.However, he has tackled these challenges by staying motivated, finding a good team, and structuring operations. As a result, in the last six months, TGISES has trained and mentored more than 3000 students through 10 programs on life skills. They have collaborated with more than 30 schools and colleges and built a team of more than 10 mentors. In the coming years, Ayush wants to build a giant edu-tech organization that can serve lakhs of students and entrepreneurs. “As an entrepreneur, you must have hope that you are doing something great & different; that one day you will succeed. Keep questioning & start working with what you have."

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Consulting

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