Chandra Negi

Chandra Negi

Network Marketing Entrepreneur at MI Lifestyle

“I always wanted to do something big of my own.”Chandra is a 30-year-old network marketing entrepreneur from Lucknow. She is in a direct selling, C2C business with products related to personal care, health & wellness, nutrition, and agriculture. She helps people start businesses with zero investment, provides free upskilling, mentoring, and professional support for massive growth.In 2018, Chandra came across the entrepreneurship opportunity in network marketing and grabbed it while working in a job. She shares how in the beginning, her only motivation was the additional income. However, gradually, she realized how through this opportunity she could serve her community in a much bigger way. She also started to focus on women, who wanted to build their identity outside that of a daughter, sister, wife, or mother – as a working professional.“I remember one of my business partners (a home maker) Mrs. Hema Bisht when she generated her first income through this business. That was the first ever income she had in her life credited in her bank account. She was very happy and emotional about it. It gave her the confidence that she no longer had to depend on her husband or family members to fulfil her basic needs. That was a defining moment for me. Since then, I have never looked back and now I am on a mission to empower more women in our nation.”As a network marketing entrepreneur, Chandra is helping people create an additional income stream, building an entrepreneurial ecosystem, and changing people’s mindsets to create more entrepreneurs in the society. In the next five to ten years, her vision is to see herself as the richest woman entrepreneur in the network marketing space. She dreams of enabling minimum 1000 women to become entrepreneurs earning in 7 figure incomes themselves.“Rome wasn’t built overnight. Everything takes time so have patience and most importantly, never compare your first chapter with anyone’s last chapter. You are unique.”

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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