Sonakshi Nathani and Ashutosh Singla

Sonakshi Nathani and Ashutosh Singla


Raipur-girl Sonakshi Nathani and Karnal-boy Ashutosh Singla met as classmates at IIIT (International Institute of Information Technology), Hyderabad, in 2011. Working on various projects together, right from their first year of college, the two computer science engineers made a good team and became fast friends. After college, Sonakshi joined Microsoft in Hyderabad as a software engineer for three years. Ashutosh moved to Canada and had a stint each with US-headquartered HR startup Zenefits and Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey’s payments startup Square. While they were both happy with their jobs and the perks that came with them, somewhere there was a sense of unfulfillment. The duo found their jobs “very easy” and didn’t feel “challenged enough”. Speaking of that phase, Sonakshi reminisces “We used to always wonder what next?” The duo knew they wanted to set up their own tech company and had a few startup ideas, but weren’t exactly sure of which problem to zero in on. In a rather bold move, both quit their jobs by October 2018, because they felt that if they continued with the day jobs, the idea of starting up would probably never come to fruition. Around 2018-end, Sonakshi was back in her hometown of Raipur — where her family has its real estate business of building residential colonies and also runs a grocery store — when the ‘Eureka’ moment happened. On April 1, 2019, the duo officially launched their startup, Bikayi, which allows small businesses to quickly and simply create their online stores, powered with all the necessary tools needed to manage ecommerce on WhatsApp. “Anyone doing commerce on WhatsApp is our primary customer, whether it's a grocery store, wholesaler, manufacturer, retailer, restaurant, or a bakery,” Sonakshi says. The Bikayi app, which is available for download on the Google Play Store, has been witnessing 60 percent organic downloads. As many 3.5 million customers visit the platform every month, according to the company.

State : Telangana

Gender : Female

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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