Sudarshan Gangrade

Sudarshan Gangrade

Lo! Foods

If given a choice between sugar-free biscuits or aalu bhujia, our taste buds will only crave for the latter despite knowing the fact that they are unhealthy. However, Sudarshan Gangrade thought of bringing a change by not letting people compromise on their favourite munching items. Sudarshan, who previously worked as Head of Marketing at Ola, quit his job after finding his calling to serve the country. With an aim to create a good impact on an individual's health, he founded Lo! Foods in January 2019 to promote low-carb snack and food items. Prior to this, Sudarshan co-founded LeanScience, a boutique diet and fat loss consulting organisation which gave him insights on the dearth of good diet options in India. He found that healthy eating options available in India were either too expensive or tasted bad. The Indian taste buds want something desi to munch on, but finding a healthy option is difficult. People do not like to have a granola bar or ragi biscuits with their tea."So, here we are to cater to their taste buds with satisfactory and tasty low-carb snacks,” Sudarshan says. Bengaluru-based Lo! Foods claims to be one of the popular low-carb packaged foods in India. Lo! Foods was launched to encourage people to eat tasty and healthy foods by promoting low-carb products. The product range includes atta, namkeens, mixtures, biscuits, and desserts, with many of these being one of their kind in a low-carb/keto friendly form in India.In a span of almost five months, the Lo! Foods website has seen more than a thousand customers, with a return rate of 35 percent, which Sudarshan says is excellent when compared to other ecommerce websites.The company aims to reduce the incidence of diabetes and cardiac-related diseases in India by five million by 2023. With ecommerce and online health platforms showing rapid growth, Sudarshan says he believes the brand will ride on their growth.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Food Processing

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