Ranjini Ganesh

Ranjini Ganesh

NIR-Bhaya Self Defence Academy

In 2012, the Nirbhaya incident in New Delhi shook the entire nation. With this, the problem of sexual abuse, assault and rape were brought into sharp focus. For Bengaluru-based entrepreneur Ranjini Ganesh (50), it was a turning point in her life. “My family and I were shaken. I was feeling the pressure since I have a daughter. But I did not want to sit with the problem. I wanted a solution. So, I decided to start my own self-defence academy and teach people from all walks of life to defend themselves,” she says. It took some time for her to put things together and launch a business. In 2017, her husband G Ganesh helped her invest Rs 2 lakh and launch NIR-Bhaya Self Defence Academy. “My aim was to train a large number of people in self-defence and martial arts. I wanted to empower them to defend themselves, their friends and family from any kind of abuse or attack and to train the maximum number of children, women and men in self-defence and martial arts. We focus on practical approaches to personal safety, and place emphasis on detecting and defusing potentially dangerous situations. Our instructors are certified and teach students in an engaging and efficient manner. We go to schools, colleges, corporate offices, etc and conduct self-defence training workshops. These are group training models, but individuals can also enroll and join similar workshops. In total, we have trained around 3,000 students already. We want to continue building awareness around abuse and what steps can be taken to prevent or deal with it. We want to train more students in this. This way, we hope to build a community around the academy and have good facilities to execute our programmes. I envision a day when parents ask schools whether their kids are going to be trained in self-defence. We can achieve this goal if we get government support in the form of grants to train kids in government schools. We hope to train at least 2,000 students per year in Karnataka.” She adds

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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