Jagdish, Bhupat, Dinesh and Sanjay Bhuva

Jagdish, Bhupat, Dinesh and Sanjay Bhuva

Sheetal Cool Products

Stories about people moving to big cities to chase their dreams are plenty but few have the grit to nurture their roots and find success in their home cities. Founders of Sheetal Cool Products (SCPL) are on a mission to put their city – Amreli— on the map. Beginning its journey from a paan shop in a street to building a publicly-listed food manufacturing company that aims to make Rs 300 crore turnover by the next fiscal year across six different states and has more than 35,000 retail outlets, SCPL has come a long way. SCPL makes ice cream, dairy products, and namkeens apart from other food items. The state of Gujarat has now given the company a go-ahead to set up 50 ice cream parlors in the region, the largest so far after Amul. But how did SCPL turn their small shop into a profitable business? Yash says it is because his father and uncles did not create the company as owners but as a way to serve their society. The Bhuva brothers sourced homemade ice cream from a local vendor to sell at a fair. The response came beyond their expectation and this small step changed the course of life for them. “After getting such a positive response from people, the founders decided on selling ice creams in their shop. One step led to the other and the business grew so well that in 1998, we had our own ice cream production set up as Shree Sheetal Industries,” Yash recalls. The next year, Jagdish, Bhupat and Dinesh took up the ambitious project of delivering pure quality milk to the people of the Saurashtra region. Thus, sourcing milk from the farmers of the interior villages of Amreli and Gir district, SCPL, in 2013, began delivering FSSAI standard milk in the nearby regions. By 2016, the company further diversified its product portfolio by introducing frozen foods, namkeen, and sweets and even moved beyond the boundaries of Amreli. “Every diversification was the hard work and humble approach of my uncles and father who believed in self-sustainability,” Yash says.

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Food Processing

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