Team Safe Kitchen

Team Safe Kitchen

Team Safe Kitchen Business Blasters team

Members of this team observed from the news that many mishaps occur from gas leakages in urban slums. When Business Blasters launched in their schools, they began discussing how they could use the seed money. As they reside in urban slums themselves, team leader Aman decided to solve the problem of gas leakage and tried developing a ‘gas leak alarm’ which could be easily affordable to middle- and lower-middle-class families. The idea was simple, when the gas is leaking at home, the alarm will ring automatically.After conducting many experiments, they were able to make the final product. The alarm was designed to sound within 20 seconds of a gas leakage. This product is now available in the market at a price of ₹700 only. The team sold 7 gas leak alarms, with 24 new orders already in the pipeline. The students are also developing an advanced version that will link the device to smartphones. Additionally, they are working to reduce the timing of the alarm from 20 to 10 seconds.

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Oil & Gas

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