NIkhil Sebastian

NIkhil Sebastian

Paper Bag Business in Cheruthoni, Idukki District, Kerala

Nikhil Sebastian runs a paper bag making unit in Cheruthoni, Idukki District, Kerala. After he completed his schooling, he chose to study further in Govt. ITI Kattappana, and was unsure about being able to land a job. It was through Udhyam Shiksha’s program that he first felt like entrepreneurship was a feasible option for him. With an eco-conscious bent of mind (from trying to reuse tyres), Nikhil started making paper bags as he saw the need to reduce the use of plastic. He was proud and happy to see his own paper bag being used when he visited a nearby store to buy eggs once! Nikhil is visually impaired in one eye, due to which he earlier couldn’t speak to people while looking at their faces. He now feels confident enough to try to do that. In his own words, “I have to support my family. My father is a heart patient and still raised us by driving a lorry. I need to bring a change to their lives…I was not very mature earlier and took life as it came, but in the last two years I have realized the importance of life and achieving things. I would not have realized that entrepreneurship was a feasible option for me if not for Udhyam Shiksha. I have gained confidence in taking decisions, and the paper bag business is a great example of that.”

State : Kerala

Gender : Male

Sector : Paper & Packaging

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