Boutique| Udhyam Vyapaar

I was fresh out of college when I started a tailoring shop and boutique in 2020. Creating something new during a full-fledged pandemic was challenging, and being surrounded by devastating pictures and stories did not help. To add to it all, I was taking the plunge into entrepreneurship for the first time. But I had complete faith in myself. Observing consumer requirements, I knew the business could work in this locality. I kept on learning every day and added two new product lines: stationery and fancy products. Failures have hit me repeatedly, but I have learned and come back stronger. Understanding customer needs is key to my entrepreneurial vision. The profit from the business has been sparse, yet I am unwavering in my focus on growth. Over time, I want to grow my shop to a wholesale one and employ 3-4 people. My mom’s dream was to have her own shop, and I have done it.‘Starting a new business is risky, but I am fine because I enjoy what I do. Happy or sad, profit or not, I am always satisfied. There will be some good days and some bad, and that’s okay too.’

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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