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Translating his Customers to his Community Having started the ironing business seven years ago, Shiva found himself facing unexpected challenges in the pandemic. With the daily income falling by half, his ambition to expand the shop started to look like a distant dream and probably unachievable. Shiva believes these challenging times are not unique to a particular situation like COVID but are the usual waves one has to ride in an entrepreneurial journey and it was no different for him. “I run my business and I get to decide my future” says Shiva emphatically when asked about how he navigated the times. Just like most entrepreneurs, Shiva too found solutions and forged ahead in the face of all the challenges presented to him, but he is different in that he feels the credit is due not to him, but rather to his customers, who have been at the heart of his business. While he’s always focused on customer satisfaction, little did he know that these customers would be his pillar of strength during financial difficulties. With a deep sense of pride and gratitude, he narrates instances where customers ensured his kids’ school fees were paid and provided his family with ration and money during the lockdown. Having navigated difficulties throughout his journey; for instance when his LPG iron box was stolen and he had no option but to purchase a new iron box; resilience, adaptability and customer-centricity have kept his business going through it all. And he’s seen this focus of his yield results: from his customer focus resulting in his customers providing a safety net during the pandemic; to his adaptability making him diversify into selling fruits & vegetables during the lockdowns as a means to keep the income flowing in. Today, he is clearly focused on his ambition to expand his business and on improving his earning potential.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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