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Breaking gender norms and becoming a successful entrepreneurI was one of the first ironing vendors to have adopted the LPG iron box, and basis my experience, I went on to onboard 30 other vyapaaris to the Istri Project by Udhyam Vyapaar. I started my entrepreneurial journey to support my father’s ironing business. From the young teenager who cycled from school to help her father at his business, to now, when I earn and plan the finances for the family, I think of my journey as a blessing. With support from family, friends, and my village at large, my entrepreneurial journey has helped me rewrite gender norms and become ‘the daughter who is as capable as a son’, a badge I wear with pride.Competition has never deterred me. I aim to continue diversifying and have a bigger shop. When the pandemic struck, I quickly moved to selling other products, ranging from tea powder to ladies’ apparel. I believe my strengths as an entrepreneur is the ability to help others when they are in need and to understand people as well as situations. I believe that this also helps me adapt to new innovations faster.A great example is my adoption of the LPG Iron box. Clients need their clothes immediately and with coal, my speed used to be slow. By switching to the LPG Iron box, I am able to provide same-day delivery.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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