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Customer First, Consistent Quality and Customisation: Key to Murthy and Papu’s entrepreneurial journeyAcross the three waves of the pandemic, Murthy’s & Papu’s food cart has been serving its customers just the way it did right from when they started this business 8 years ago. Stationed outside the ESI Hospital in Indiranagar, their food cart is always abuzz with waiting customers. When asked about how they navigated COVID times, Papu's eyes light up with the assurance of having understood the key to their business - "Always take care of the customer even if it means earning a little less. That’s what really matters". With the pandemic magnifying the customer's fear around food, Murthy and Papu have ensured that their business pivots around providing hygienic food with the same taste and quality. Adapting to the times while maintaining consistency of their food, has been key. For them, it is the appreciation from their customers, and the fact that regular customers are willing to travel some distance just to eat at their cart, that is the biggest win from this entrepreneurial journey they’ve been on. Starting out with the ambition to be their own boss, they have worked hard and expanded from serving just one rice dish to an elaborate menu catering to both the breakfast and lunch crowds. Navigating the world of entrepreneurship hasn't come without its share of challenges for this couple. From learning to manage relationships with stakeholders like the police to understanding their customer needs and demands better, there is a lot they have had to learn. But they have stayed the course and had each other’s backs. For them, the independence, both monetarily as well as emotionally, of running their own business has been the biggest motivator. When asked of an instance where Papu experienced this sense of independence, "It was the savings from the business that helped us get Murthy (my husband) an open heart surgery when he needed it the most ", says Papu.

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