Reseller, Bengaluru| Udhyam Vyapaar

Against all odds, my ambition to be financially independent drove me to become an entrepreneur. At 28, with two children and an unsupportive family, it was not an easy choice. I started out with a reselling business. WhatsApp not being as common at the time, meant it was difficult finding customers, but I kept at it. I am now at a place where I have grown my business by identifying good manufacturers and cultivating relationships with them. I now procure from them and sell to other resellers. Over the last 6 years, many hurdles have come my way, from rude customers, to the payment woes. But I have persisted and used every opportunity to learn and improve. Personally, for me, I want to scale my business and start selling on large e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon and maybe one day even have my own physical retail outlet. Now I wish to see other women joining me in this journey as well. I have also been able to mentor 60-70 other womenpreneurs on running their online businesses. Recently, when an eight-month pregnant lady came to me as a reseller, I felt humbled by her grit and determination. As my business scales, I am so happy to contribute to other women’s growth stories. ‘Mujhe ek achi business woman banna hai, yehi meri khwaish hai. Apne aap ko main khud support karti hun.’

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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