Ankita Sehdev

Ankita Sehdev


I have been through many hardships in my life due to my disability but never lost hope to overcome all my challenges. I have been working on making things accessible for myself and also want to do the same for others despite being a totally blind person I received all my education from regular institutes, not only showing satisfactory but extraordinary results. There are many problems in the society related to accessibility and inclusion which I am not okay with because they are not only problematic for me but also for so many others. I have solutions to offer so that the issues are resolved and the society becomes inclusive in true sense. I started Exceptionals in December 2021 only to raise awareness regarding disability in the society and bridge the gap between persons with and without disabilities. I aspire to expand the existing training workshop of Exceptionals called Skillup so that people with disabilities can learn whatever is required for their wholesome development and inclusion in the society. Right now Skillup has 2 bootcamps in it that cater to English speaking skills (Communication) and basic Computer and Smartphone training (Technology). I hope to conduct multiple rounds of skill up with even more number of bootcamps in it, to make people with disabilities independent in not just one or two but all the aspects of human life. Before Skillup, we interacted with young children from slum areas to make them aware about the cause of disability and tried to sensitize them towards the issue on the occasion of World Disability Day. We also did wollen Donation drive in winters to provide wollens to all those who needed them mainly to counter the superstition that taking things from persons with disabilities can bring people misfortune.

State : Haryana

Gender : Female

Sector : Not for profit

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