old sarees and creating beautiful dresses

My name is Aishwarya, I am 23 years old, from Bangalore . My business is about reusing old sarees and creating beautiful dresses In my childhood I created dresses for dolls, as I could not buy fabrics. I created dresses from old clothes, sarees and dupattas. Later I started creating dresses for myself which people and friends started liking and they asked me to create outfits for them and this is how I became an entrepreneur. As I was very young when I started my business, the journey was not so easy, managing studies and business. This was difficult but I continued as it financially supported my family. After my studies I had to choose between a job or business. Since I was conducting my business from home, it was difficult to earn for my family. No business will bring success overnight as it requires time and hardwork. So I decided to go look for a job to support my family and do fashion designing as a part time activity. After I became stable financially, I made my business as a full time career and started working on it. In a few years I see myself as a successful fashion designer running a boutique where I employ 5-6 people for pattern making, cutting, stitching and training. One of the memories that I have is of a client who was inspired by saree reuse and brought her mother's saree for designing her daughter's dress. After I designed it, the client shared her daughter's picture and she looked very happy to see her little daughter wearing her grandmom's saree.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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