preparing cakes and chocolates.

My name is Ambika. I am 23 years old from Kaveri Pura Kamakshipalya in Bangalore. My business is of making cakes and chocolates. During COVID, I lost my job and was not getting another one anywhere. So I thought, why not start my own business. However, I was facing financial problems. I did not have enough place in my home, and with customers not going out, there was no place to keep any items. Sometimes I won't have money to buy materials to prepare the products. So I take an advance from customers and then purchase the stuff needed. As an entrepreneur, I like my work because I can make my own rules for my company and create my recipes. Being an entrepreneur is a beautiful experience. Dream a Dream has helped me a lot, including assisting me in buying materials and machines. I have not hired any employees because I started my kitchen in my home. So my husband, my mother and my brother are helping me currently. As an entrepreneur, we should not lose our temper or confidence. Starting, we cannot say how the business will be or whether there will be profitability. But we need to be strong💪. . In the future, I will open my shop under the name of (RNS Dreams kitchen), and I want to allow young people to work with me where I will also train them.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Food Processing

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