I am 29 years old and live in, Bommanahalli, Bangalore. My project ShAnkArT-SeESaPSaT is about spreading awareness of Art’s importance and benefits to children. It involves gathering children on a platform and conducting various activities such as free-thinking, instilling creativity, minimising distractions, personality development, etc. As support to regular academic studies, this enables learning. Integrating art in academia provides mentorship, interaction and growth among students. Once they complete the career development program in ShankArT-SaP, placements or entrepreneurship counselling/training are given. From my schooling to college, education has been more like running behind marks, which practically does not help in an individual's professional life. When I completed my Diploma in Animation and worked in production for two years. The experience encouraged me to teach and help students with academics as a teacher and mentor. Also, my passion for working with arts and children drove me to pursue a graduation Bachelor of visual arts so that I can give my students a better educational experience. Also, my primary motivation for being part of Dream a Dream is to learn life skills so that I can help needy kids in their academic life as much as possible. I do face criticism from my family and surroundings. Also, travelling from one place to another, I cannot give enough time to each class and get more students to the program. Schooling, travelling and marketing and promoting my business is the big challenge.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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Pavithra.K.L (Dream A DREAM)