Micro art and Resin art

My name is Dayana, I am 24 years old, located at Bangalore Bellandur. My business is about customisation of gifts like Micro art and Resin art. My high school art mela made me want to be a entrepreneur .Starting a business is never easy. Yes, I have faced many problems like finance, re-correction, lack of any proper moulds or proper materials and so on. One of the main challenges has been finance since we have to get all the raw materials and that is important for making the perfect product. I can see myself doing better than yesterday as I gradually expand. I consider my business as a training ground for people interested. Currently I do not have any employees. With my ideas, I have met many interesting people who are strong, self confident and motivated. There are many people who have believed in me like my family, friends and Dream a Dream organization. My advice to entrepreneurs is to choose your interest area, dream with hard work and one day it will give you the best success. My future plans involve starting up a store which can be made visible to people who are unaware about the product and can be interested.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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Pavithra.K.L (Dream A Dream)