Nithin Kumar M

Nithin Kumar M

Nithin milk distribution

Nithin is a milk distributor. He was working under someone and after getting that experience and confidence, became an entrepreneur. His biggest competition is online delivery. He could not get proper margins for his business. While he was marketing his business, the problem was price differentiation. There was a difference between offline and online prices and adding the currency issue, no one was ready to work. Nowadays there is an issue of getting labour No is one ready to work and there is a need for smart people The most memorable day that Nithin has had was when he was was working under someone, that person, he saw his working skill, trusted him and bought him a goods vehicle, which enabled Nithin to deliver milk to corporate offices. He believes in working hard, providing good customer service and offering a healthy product His mantra is "Work hard then only you will know the depth of it. Be satisfied with the work you do and whatever you do, do it for your satisfaction and not for others" He hopes to scale his business.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Food Processing

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