Prasanth Sd

Prasanth Sd


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are a business that invents technology for a sustainable supply chain in the retail ecosystem. With a 30% contribution to the nation’s GDP, small and medium businesses are a real economic powerhouse in India. Yet, only a fraction of these are digitally influenced with a mere 5% that has high levels of technology integration. We want to change that. We realise that the biggest hurdle for Indian retailers and wholesalers community is a centralized e-commerce marketplace. So we decided to create one that is a decentralized marketplace that increases the discoverability of merchants. Kwikbox is a Hyderabad-based DIY (do it yourself) platform that enables merchants with zero programming skills to set up their e-commerce store using a smartphone. Kwikbox helps retailers, wholesalers and offline services to increase their discoverability by using the decentralizing marketplace and price discovery algorithm , Simply put, this is a Google for E-commerce products and services. The way Kwikbox has been developed, it can also be used by restaurants trying to get online, or home services who are looking to set up a digital presence. Kwikbox has facilitated over 1.5 million dollars worth of transactions to date. There is a massive white space opportunity to service the commerce needs of India’s 100 million+ small businesses. Simply Kwikbox is Decentralized - Hyperlocal - instant delivery. Kwikbox is a 1-year-old startup but we launched our international services in July .So far we have reached 10K plus small businesses in USA, EU and the Middle East. We have recorded a 135 % MOM growth from its launch Also every 2 minutes a new Kwikbox store is created.

State : Telangana

Gender : Male

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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