Sri Harsha Gajavalli

Sri Harsha Gajavalli


In today's world, network and system security are of paramount importance in the digital communication environment. On par with the developments in technology, many threats have emerged for information security which has worsened when it comes to sensitive transactions. Nowadays, intruders can easily break walls of the network and can cause many kinds of breaches such as the crash of networks, denial of service, injecting Malware, and so on. In order to avoid those breaches, there is a desperate need for a security administrator to detect the intruder and prevent him from entering into the network. In order to protect the network administrators from such intruders, ICyberSol was started by Sri Harsha Gajavalli.Sri Harsha is a Cyber Forensic Enthusiast with great experience in Machine Learning, Backend Programming, and is good at maintaining complex and critical systems. He is on a mission of creating an AI-Powered environment by fostering the interactions between students, developers, startupers, and professionals interested in AI.At ICyberSol, he builds intelligent solutions that tackles the current zero-day attacks and ensures the security of organisations, and also actively conducts upskilling programs to bridge the gap between academia and industry and addresses the current demand of 2M+ CyberSecurity Professionals.Sri Harsha has trained 45000+ students, developers, and 2500+ faculty & business leaders through various meetups and workshops across the globe in AI and CyberSecurity.Sri Harsha is currently looking forward to connecting with more organizations and institutions to address their technical and upskilling needs in the space of Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security.

State : Andhra Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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