Gandhi Gopalakrishnan

Gandhi Gopalakrishnan

Drjothi HHCC ( Environment solution Provider)

Innovation & Solution: Daily, people are creating more food and vegetable waste and the town and village municipal administrations are spending more money for food waste treatment activities. We innovated a herbs and bio enzymes based product called Eco Drain which is a low cost effective treatment of converting municipal waste to an organic fertiliser. We are using this organic fertiliser for our bio seed roll and mass production of this assists poor rural women SHG groups. Purpose of the project: Every year crores of seedlings get planted by spending millions of rupees to control global warming. The cost of the existing type of seedlings is high and maintenance (irrigation) is more. So the rural and urban people have no interest in planting trees. Our innovation bio seed easily overcomes both these problems. Goal of the project: we are training to make the bio seed roll available to the low income rural people living in villages. This also protects the environment. Also converting waste to wealth is part of the Clean India Green India trainings. This creates jobs and generates income for the rural women Now we are doing low level production activities associated with self-help group members. We are waiting for a grant or soft loan to purchase machinery for the mass production of bio seed roll Geographical Coverage: Kanchipuram- District of Tamil Nadu State India. R&D by: Verified by. : Approved by: Certified by: Award by: World record by:

State : Tamil Nadu

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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