Monika Jha

Monika Jha

Cydee Technologies

In March 2017, Monika Jha, a graduate of Electrical and Electronics from R V College of Engineering, Bengaluru, was working on her final year project on the Automation of Street Lighting. But while conducting her research, she came across a much bigger problem. As part of her research, she visited various streets in the city and found that some areas had damaged lights, some streets were underlit, and some were overlit. Her findings encouraged her to launch Cydee Technologies, which has innovated a solution that saves significant amounts of energy while improving street lighting. With the illumination analysis methodology and product design capabilities, they optimize lighting quality on-site and as per international standards. The Unique Patent Filed Lighting concept can help in 30% Energy and 40% Monetary savings by reducing the number of lights required. A major reason why she is doing what she is doing is to solve the problem of women's safety, in developing countries, due to poor lighting at night. She adds, "I feel unsafe stepping out at night living in a metropolitan. Raat ho gayi ab nikalne ki zarurat nahi, Kal karna, (What is the need to go out at this time or why did you return so late) has become such a common statement. Imagine the rest of the major part of India and a vast span of unsafe land all across the world. " She adds we waste more energy due to improper planning of lighting infrastructure than we realize. The world is in need of desperate action. This is our only chance to make amendments before we reach an irreversible reaction and fail to gift a world worth living in to future generations.

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Renewable Energy

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