Manoj Reddy

Manoj Reddy

wafes holiday homes pvt ltd

Do you come home feeling drained after a long day at work? Do you want to escape to get some peace in your own space. Get yourself the beach life you deserve in Gokarna with WAFES. It is time for you to get to your own holiday home . Calm your senses and nurture your inner self. Take a walk beside the tranquil beach. What’s more! Own a beach house and get your spouse here on a whim. Spend quality time with your kids. Create the best childhood memories with your daughter. Maybe even have a reunion with your friends. Work beside the sound of the ocean. Get away from the humdrum of city life. Give your mind and body a break. Spend time with people who matter. You must find a place away from the noise. Imagine spending hours talking to the ocean. With us, you have found the perfect destination If you want to experience this life

State : Telangana

Gender : Male

Sector : Tourism & Hospitality

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