Gaurav Singhania

Gaurav Singhania


This is about Gaurav and Shruti who started Skillarthi with a vision to build a RITE platform for teenagers. They call it Real, Impactful, Trusted and Experiential ecosystem for teenagers and rightly so. They showcase this in every bit they do.My teen was one of the cohort members of their Globus Program and I must appreciate their energy and honesty throughout. They are out to bring a much needed change and we fully support them and wish them all the best. I loved when they referred Mahabharata during our onboarding journey: “Teenagers get access to Teachers and Trainers. They have Dronacharyas and they play a critical role. But Skillarthi is about being their Saarthis- Mentors, being the Krishna of their life. Their premise is based on Mentorship and I completely relate to them".We were once having a conversation about their valuation of their startup. This is one word that has caught attention worldwide in the startup world. I was pleasantly surprised with the way they diverted the whole attention to value. They were more focused towards the well being of teenagers rather than adding another burden on them. Chief Life Officers is what they are out to create. They are focused on creating value for Teenagers first.We wish them all the best in their journey.

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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