Sanjay Kumar Tolwala

Sanjay Kumar Tolwala


DNT Power (Distribution & Transmission) was established to produce renewable energy like solar and windmill, from electromotive mechanical magnetic force, which provides uninterrupted 24 hours power supply and without any pollution and any fossil fuel. It’s a green field power project under “WHITE CATEGORY,” and on a medium scale can be set up anywhere without any hindrances. There is also no need of obtaining the Consent to Operate’’ for White category of industries. An intimation to concerned SPCB / PCC shall suffice. This very reliable and co-generation power project can be established in any size. Its main fuel is electromotive mechanical inheritance force of flywheel. This project cost is the lowest of all the other different types of power project costs and has the lowest power generation cost. This project is far better than solar and windmill Energy as a renewable energy. This type of technology is already patented in India with different technology names but could not be commercialized. We are just making some changes in this type of technology to avoid infringement and copy. This type of power project can reduce imports and create great impact on the countries' import of coal and fossil fuel and save the country’s foreign exchange and reduces the dependence on other countries for fuel supply. We call it this Technology as “SCREW DRIVE TECHNOLOGY”

State : Telangana

Gender : Male

Sector : Renewable Energy

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