Pradeep Kumar Gohil

Pradeep Kumar Gohil

World Micro Stock Exchange & Antique Bank

We are under process remote incorporation USA/New York state in name World Micro Stock Vinimay USA LLC and next we apply for our World Micro Stock Exchange & Antique Bank non-stop global venture IPO listing from Nasdaq we need all kinds of trial basis support from India/USA government, ministry of finance, Federal Reserve Bank & National Security Exchange Commission will help all kinds of wealth & banking solution joint venture development making proof of concept will be run our new regulatory reform in minor changes with run / allow joint venture partnership opening our omnipresent exchange & own mini banking solution will run through our SaaS-Based multiple wealth tools of global common masses' all big data-consuming buying & banking transaction will convert into taxable crypto-asset zero risk ROI & micro IPO listing with spot profit sharing an exchange of micro shareholding value equity & own mini banking this solution will be benefited to India global common masses at large scale become micro shareholding position or become homemade SME entrepreneurs and apply their business expend at our micro IPO listing at global level without collateral or banking support or apply their own mini banking concept and serve/earn in high percent interest bidding with others borrower or any banking institute and pull out from any poverty, unemployment or finance burden and support nation all kinds economy & employment recovery in movement of Make in the India

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : BFSI - Fintech & Financial Services

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