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intermediary to bring risk capital in the development sector and create focus on outcome based
programmes and scaling up of the delivery ecosystem. The challenge to help scale up a relatively
nascent concept in India (and across the world) made him move away from an enjoyable freelance
consulting model through 2019 helping Indian social sector enterprises to scale in areas spanning
rural livelihood, school education, gender equality etc. He also mentored commercial startups and is
an active angel investor in technology driven disruptive businesses.
Prior to that he spent 30 years with corporates. In the last half of that career, he helped build, scale
up Genpact from a GE captive to a premier transformation services company and was co-leading a
portfolio of USD 1.5 Bln revenue global businesses when he decided to quit the corporate sector to
find a new “purpose” for himself. He spent the first half of his career as a finance leader in B2C
businesses with Unilever and GE Consumer Finance (both in India) and then with GE India as the
country CFO. He has been called “irrationally passionate” and “illogically curious” by his team
members; characteristics he hopes he can continue to demonstrate in anything he does.
He is deeply interested in the topics of entrepreneurship and livelihood and believes that they are
central themes in defining the new economic world order.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”mentors-btnpadding”]

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