Microenterprises in India: A Multidimensional Analysis

In partnership with Centre for Sustainable Employment, Azim Premji University Authors: Amit Basole (APU), Vidya Chandy (GAME)

Micro-enterprises have been the engines of job growth in the majority of dynamic economies and they can perform the same role in India as well. Meeting their challenges requires significant policy changes and investments in local communities. MSME’s, and in particular very small enterprises, have been disadvantaged when it comes to availability of and access to data and analysis – vital in championing and creating a growth agenda around them.   The study looks at micro-enterprises that employ 0-19 workers, and analyses various dimensions such as geographical distribution, demographics, gender (employment and enterprise ownership), industrial distribution, labour productivity, and wages. It is based on Economic Census and National Sample Survey data.   Our aim in this report is to provide information and analysis that can assist policy-makers and the micro-entrepreneurial ecosystem at large to develop tools required to help this sector flourish.

 Download the full report here

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