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Sadda Karobaar-Punjab di Shaan

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Model

Amplification of local mass entrepreneurship ecosystems: Catalyzed and propelled by prominent local stakeholders.

At GAME, our focus is on enabling collaborations and collectively creating an entrepreneurial movement in Punjab. Building a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem requires the active participation of key ecosystem anchors and stakeholders including entrepreneurs, bureaucracy, corporates, industry bodies, academic institutions, financial institutions, and others, and this is what the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Model is currently building in the state.

Our Focus

Growth of local

A thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem has the power to accelerate growth of small businesses in Punjab

Ecosystem actors become MSME Evangelists

More local stakeholders coming together to support small businesses leads to more opportunities for them

More mass entrepreneurs launch
and grow enterprises

A conducive environment which provides ample opportunities for
entrepreneurs to start and scale small businesses

Women mass entrepreneurs are enabled to start and grow enterprises

Creation of a more inclusive and supportive environment for more women entrepreneurs to start their businesses, and grow and flourish

Entrepreneurial mindsets
nurtured in youth

Presenting ‘Small Business’ role models and building aspirations among youth to get inspired and actively choose entrepreneurship as a career choice

What Ecosystem Leaders are Saying

“MSMEs in Punjab have always been crucial to creating jobs. As per recent figures, close to 20 lakh jobs have been generated by registered MSMEs in the state. Therefore, we are focused on further amplifying the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among MSMEs, which is crucial to the growth of Punjab’s economy. Initiatives like ‘Startup Punjab’ and ‘Invest Punjab’ are examples of the state government’s focus towards creating a conducive entrepreneurial ecosystem. By promoting successful growth enterprises, we can increase the number of smaller supporting MSMEs and in turn enhance the employment potential of the state. The Government of Punjab is committed to supporting GAME in this initiative and building an ecosystem of entrepreneurial growth”
Vini Mahajan Chief Secretary - Government of Punjab
“The Growtharator Ludhiana program is designed to support leaders of promising enterprises, identify growth opportunities and scale up. The Growtharator is distinctive because it has been designed and developed by key local and national stakeholders, with participation from industry experts, bankers, academic institutions, trade associations etc. We hope that in 6 months from the start of the program, we can drive these growth enterprises to accelerate their customer base, improve their human resource capacity and improve their overall revenue potential. We need local role models to create a thriving local entrepreneurial ecosystem”
Sachit Jain Vice Chairman and Managing Director - Vardhman Special Steels Ltd
``Punjab currently has 2.59 lac registered MSMEs. This clearly shows Punjab’s strong entrepreneurial DNA. Yet many MSMEs are unable to scale, stuck in unproductive business cycles and dated operations. We believe that by leveraging this conducive entrepreneurial environment, we can encourage and support entrepreneurial growth. Ludhiana serves as a perfect starting point because of its resources, promising enterprises and a responsive ecosystem. Based on the success in Ludhiana, this model will then be replicated in other parts of the state.``
Ravi Venkatesan Founder - GAME


Growtharator Ludhiana is a curated small business accelerator program to support promising small businesses of Ludhiana towards increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

Know More

Punjab Steering Committee

Ms. Anjuly Chib Duggal

Former Secretary – Department of Financial Services, Government of India and Chairperson – GAME Finance Taskforce

Dr. Gyanendra Badgaiyan

Punjab State Advisory –
Council Member

Sachit Jain

Vice Chairman and Managing
Director – Vardhman Special,
Chaiperson – Ludhiana Taskforce
Steels Ltd.

Mekin Maheshwari

Co-Founder – GAME

Srinivas Rao Mahankali


Ravi Venkatesan

Founder – GAME

Ludhiana Taskforce


Vice Chairman, Vardhman Group; (Chairperson, Ludhiana Taskforce )

Upkar Singh

President – Chamber of Industrial & Commercial Undertakings (CICU)

Kishor Singh

Deputy General Manager Banking, State Bank of India


General Manager – District
Industries Centres, Ludhiana


Co-founder & CEO, Profectus Capital

Singh Bhogal

Vice President, Uniparts Group


Managing Director, Akal Springs

Dr. Sandeep

Professor, Punjab Agricultural University

M Srinivas



Member Secretary -Vice President, GAME & Punjab Project Lead

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