Meet the GAME-Changers

Are you excited by the prospect of solving a real-world problem? Do ideation and experimentation come to you naturally? Do you have the fire within to take an idea from its drawing board stage and then execute it on a much larger canvas that allows it to touch many more lives? Then you are at the right place. At GAME, we believe in building an alliance of change-makers, believers and doers who want to set the ball rolling to bring about lasting change.

And the beauty of the social impact sector is that we are all learning from each other’s journey and constantly evolving. GAME’s philosophy of being a backbone organisation enables it to hand-hold and nourish an idea at the incubation stage and allow it to grow wings and take flight with the support of and through partners.

Life @ GAME is a fun-filled learning experience where everyone is integral to our success story because it is finally one GAME with several different players.