Kinjal Sampat

Vice President

At GAME Kinjal leads the functions of research, and also program monitoring, evaluation, and learning. She joins GAME with a decade-long experience in researching issues of urban inequality, labor, and social protection. She has contributed to publishing platforms like The Himal, the Wire, Scroll, and India spend. At Centre for Equity Studies and Indian Institute of Human Settlements, she has worked on issues of urban labour, housing, and social protection.

While her academic training introduced her to qualitative methods her experience working with nation-wide opinion surveys at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies trained her in quantitative sciences. She applies this to conceive of mixed-method models to examine complex problems and contribute to research and practice equally.

She holds a master’s degree in sociology and sociology of law from Delhi School of Economics, and International Institute of Sociology of Law, University of Basque Country respectively.