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About GAME

The ‘jobs’ challenge

Traditional methods of job creation in India (e.g. white collar jobs, high-growth start-ups, and self-employment) are unable to keep pace with the number of youth entering the workforce. Mass enterprises (MEs), firms with 5 to 20 employees, a common lever of job creation in many countries such as USA, China, Bangladesh, is significantly underutilised in India.

In Aug 2018, influencers and prominent organisations in entrepreneurship development identified the need for a national-level organisation to mainstream and build a thriving ecosystem around mass entrepreneurship.

Our Approach

The ambition of the Alliance is to create 10 million mass entrepreneurs by 2030, half of whom will be women.

GAME will operate through partner organisations, across policy, civil society, academia, and private sector, who will generate fresh insights, opportunity zones, new ideas, innovative technologies, and scalable actions. We firmly believe that solving hard problems requires collective effort, and the Alliance will exist to guide and enable collective impact.

The Alliance encompass three core groups: Alliance members, Taskforces, and the Secretariat.

Alliance members will be those working directly with entrepreneurs, and will be primary beneficiaries of the Alliance.

Taskforces will be multi-stakeholder groups continuously generating new actions – both local and national – that can grow mass entrepreneurship on the ground.

The Secretariat will be a support organisation: advocating for common goals, facilitating discussions, enabling collaborative action, and mobilising resources towards ME.

For more information please visit our website.


Communications is not just a function at GAME- it is the very essence how we bring together all the threads as we work toward our audacious mission. Over the last two and a half years- we have convened, firmly established GAME’s credentials as an entrepreneurship ecosystem thought leader, ensured all our priority areas of work got both the support and awareness required to push forward critical outcomes, celebrated the entrepreneurs from our Growtherator programs and shared their stories, shone the spotlight on our Alliance partners and advocated our POV on Finance, Ease of Doing Business, Women

Entrepreneurship etc. through the amplification of our Research Reports. If you know of us and our mission- we’ve done a fairly good job at communicating our narrative, if you haven’t , we have some ways to go!

You can check out our conversations across our different social media handles for a more real experience.
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Our journey over the last two years can be found here

Position overview

The Communications Head will be part of the Secretariat team, and will manage all of our communications across all our verticals.

You are right for this position if you have a combination of experiences including in the private sector, the social sector and a research or consultancy firm, where strategic communications was your focus area.
Your 8-10 years of experience has not only made you beyond fabulous at developing effective communications strategy but also made you razor sharp on the execution of that strategy.

Your Master’s Degree in Media and Communications (or a relevant communications major) from a Top Tier University has given you the best foundation to build your career on. You have additionally acquired skills along the way including social media marketing, impact assessment etc. that have given you the edge to stay a relevant and effective communication’s rainmaker.

Bangalore is especially alluring to you to work from, you are not overwhelmed by a constantly evolving start-up environment but in fact thrive in it, excuses are for the weak- you do what it takes to get the job done. God, you believe, lies in the details, while you yourself have the superpower to take on a heavy workload while also keeping an internal team and external support agencies, motivated and effective. You enjoy the excitement of collaborating with diverse teams, self-motivated and yes, you love thinking BIG!

Needless to add, as Communications Head you also possess superior stakeholder management skills, an ability to connect the dots, excellent problem solving , written and verbal communication skills. You have, over the years, built great social capital with the media universe.

We almost believe you don’t exist- but you show up and we are believers again!

The compensation offered for this position will be highly competitive by non- profit standards


  • Help develop our Communication Strategy (using the OKR framework)
  • Manage end to end execution of the strategic work plan
  • Manage relationships with our support agencies, internal vertical POCs and the communications team.
  • Create a strategic Circle of Influence Engagement Plan and Execute it.
  • Build an in-depth understanding the entrepreneur landscape and ecosystem to identify high leverage opportunities for collaboration and leveraging communication partnerships.
  • Create Quarterly Impact Reports, Develop Op-Eds, Build Strong Media Relationships,
  • Plan and Execute all our events with the support agencies and relevant internal teams

GAME’s promise to you

Working with a ‘mission-driven’ and ‘problem focused’ Alliance will help you:

  • Build terrific networks: the Alliance will include the best and brightest in private sector, social sector, and entrepreneurship thinking and experience to the table; you will engage partners with a strong research function, influential taskforce members, and research agencies across the spectrum of capabilities and experience
  • Become a systems thinker: GAME will use multiple pathways (e.g. financing, technology etc.) to grow mass entrepreneurship; overtime, you will be able to connect the dots, seed new partnerships, and make new connections, that enable mass entrepreneurship journeys with a ‘systems integration’ approach
  • Wear many hats, become a reliable generalist: GAME will be an evolving organisation that responds to the critical needs of the ecosystem as they present themselves and so, you will play the role of a strategist, advisor, convenor, facilitator, match maker etc., as and when needed; partners will reach out to you for advice, and expect you to deliver on goals for individual relationships
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset: while this is a key theme for GAME, your colleagues will rely on you to constantly come up with new ideas and drive their execution; ownership will always remain high
  • Double down on your passion: as an entity engaging with entrepreneurship through many different pathways (e.g. finance, school curriculum, gender etc.) you will have opportunities to focus on things you care about (while maintaining other responsibilities)

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