Tarun Nanda

From Punjab to Paris, Tarun Nanda believes you need to be yourself for success Tarun Nanda’s life in Punjab was limited to class 12th until he moved to France. “I had the typical Punjabi boy’s life – roaming around, playing with friends, eating my favourite Amritsari fish. It was perfect,” he says. Growing up, he wanted to be an engineer, but that passion drifted away as he got older. He always had the urge to do something of his own, and after living the atypical ‘9-5’ corporate life as well as the startup life, he realised that running a business is what best suits him. He started Nio United five years ago, and although his product doesn’t solve a specific problem, he’s made a conscious effort to grow and evolve through the entrepreneurship phase. Know More >>

Growth Story

“Nio United increases its product portfolio by 50% and acquires 50 new customers”

Tarun Nanda runs Nio United, a paper trading company. After joining Xcelerator, Tarun decided to increase his product portfolio, allowing him to open a new segment of customers. He also added 15 dealer level 35 retail level customers. He also acquired a retail customer in Himachal Pradesh for the first time.”