Siddhant Pruthi

Robin International

When Sidhant Pruthi, aka Sidhu, was 5 years old, he dreamt of becoming a fighter pilot. Years later, he appeared for the Combined Defence Service Examination (CDSE) exam, but didn’t clear it. He looked up to his hardworking parents — his father is an entrepreneur and his mother, a dietician. Soon he realised that entrepreneurship ran in his blood and took over the reins of his family business – Robin International. “I had inspiration within my home, so I never had to look outside.” Know More

Growth Story

Sidhant’s textile business revolves around working with the wholesale market. After the first session of Xcelerator on Customers, he decided to talk to his end retail customers, and he was able to fetch new orders by just talking to them directly about his product and his business’s value proposition.Additionally, taking cues from a session on Leadership in Xcelerator, he started to have more empathetic conversations with his elders in the business, and as a result was able to better convey his vision and actions to them and now he has a better buy in in his decisions from the elders.”