Rohit Ahuja

Founder, Tejas Corporate Services

For Rohit Ahuja, solving a problem should be the fundamental drive to starting up When Rohit Ahuja was growing up, his father taught him a valuable lesson that forever shaped his outlook towards work. “Whatever you do in life, it must be done with so much effort that you will reach the top. If you are going to polish shoes: Do it with such dedication that no one can polish shoes like you, and that attitude will help you progress in life,” he recounts his father telling him. It was Rohit’s father who inspired him to start his business, Tejas Corporate Services, three years ago. Rohit believes that the on-boarding of the right digital tools and software, an extra hire to assist him in the daily functioning of the office, and polishing his leadership skills will help solve a lot of his business challenges Know more>>

Growth Story

“Xcelerator Ludhiana helps Rohit Ahuja of Tejas Corporate Services break mental barriers and win a big liaisoning services contract.”

Rohit Ahuja runs Tejas corporate services, a services company in Ludhiana. Rohit was always wary of providing his services to corporate clients as he felt he might not have the right expertise, but learning his value proposition from his clients as a part of an exercise at Xcelerator Ludhiana, Rohit was able to land a liasoning services contract with one of the largest producers of cement in India”