Pratham Jain

“A fan of Warren Buffett, Pratham Jain had set his sights on entrepreneurship since childhood

For as long as he can remember, Pratham Jain had always wanted to be a good businessman. Even as others of his age were hoping to become doctors, engineers, or famous celebrities and sportspersons, he had his eyes set on becoming an entrepreneur from a tender age.
Pratham runs Jmv Apparels, a business that was started by his father, his role model, in 2008. Having taken over the business right after graduating from college, Pratham says he loves the fact that running a business is competitive and that the ability to expand its operations is completely in the hands of the business owner”

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Growth Story

JMV apparel’s YTD sales increased 20% since last year and their production has increased by 30% since the inception of Xcelerator program. Applying learnings from the Xcelerator program, Pratham jain created better understanding amongst his family members in this business, and leveraged the learnings from the sesisons to increase his sales and prodution since last year by adding new machinery and moving the entire production in house. He also started a new brand and Cleared 90% of their last year’s debt