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Legend has it that Ludhiana’s soil is magical!

Dreams grow by leaps and bounds here — especially those followed with patience and grit. So, to help passionate homegrown entrepreneurs, GAME has created Growtherator Ludhiana 2021, in partnership with the Department of Industries and Commerce (Government of Punjab) and CICU.

This program has been co-designed and is being led by industry experts who will offer guidance, mentorship and business growth tools to entrepreneurs to help them scale their business efficiently and advance Punjab’s transformation.

About the program

6-month Business accelerator program with sessions on customer, cash and capacity

100+ hours of program designed to help your businesses show growth and plan for scale

Learn industry best practices on recruiting and managing talent, effective cash flow management, and identifying new business opportunities

Who should apply?

Industry Focus

Enterprises from all industries/ sectors are encouraged to apply if they meet the application criteria. The program is designed for non-tech enterprises only. Women-owned businesses (where women own a majority of equity) are encouraged to apply as well.

Program Eligibility

Businesses in Manufacturing and services with annual net revenue of INR 5 crore - INR 50 crore are eligible to apply. The businesses must be headquartered in Ludhiana.

Selection criteria

We’re looking for growth-oriented firms that are registered and fully compliant; with at least 3 years of annual filings.

What's in it for entrepreneurs

Peer to Peer Learning

A journey of learning and growth with 30 ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself from Ludhiana

Expert Support

Connect with industry experts, get support for implementing program learnings in real-time to your business

Networking Opportunity

Chance to interact with successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, bank and finance experts, government officials and others from the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ludhiana

Identify New Business

Learn the business know-how, what it means to scale business in current times


Improve your leadership to lead not just your business but also create a chance in the local communities by being a role model and inspiring youngsters to follow in your footsteps


Profitable growth in 12 months and show initial growth in eight weeks

Class of Growtherator 2.0


Growth Stories


Sneak Peek in Growtherator Ludhiana

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Application details

How can I apply for Growtherator Ludhiana?

There is already an ongoing cohort of Growtharator Ludhiana. We will open applications soon for the next batch. You can submit your interest by filling out this form here.

Do I have to be in Ludhiana to attend the program?

Yes, all the program activities and sessions for the first batch of Growtharator Ludhiana were conducted in Ludhiana. Hence, it’s important for you to be in Ludhiana during these sessions if you wish to participate in the program. However, the program is soon expanding to other locations in Punjab. Stay tuned!

What is the selection process to participate in Growtherator Ludhiana?

Through this program, we’re looking to support non-technical, growing enterprises in Ludhiana and across Punjab. Once we open applications for the next batch, you will be required to submit details about your business. Our team will then evaluate your application and schedule a final round of interviews with some of our faculty members and experts of the program. This is the final round of interviews, and we will select up to 30 business leaders for our next cohort.

When is the next batch of Growtherator Ludhiana getting started?

We have received a great response from the first batch, the entrepreneurs started showing amazing growth from the start of the program itself. We’re hoping to announce the next batch of Growtharator Ludhiana soon. You can submit this form to stay tuned.

Participation in the program

What topics are covered during the program?

The program focuses on the ‘3Cs’ of a business — Customer, Capacity, and Cash. The sessions are designed around the 3Cs and are facilitated by experts and specialists in the respective fields. Throughout the program, entrepreneurs are also exposed to other areas of business through expert interactions, webinars, workshops, and other activities.

If my business gets selected, am I assured of any investment, business, etc.?

We are not an investing agency, a VC firm, or any affiliation with any investment firm. However, throughout the program, you will have a chance to network with investors, banking professionals, and other financial experts who can help you here. The program does not promise any direct business but is designed towards helping you attract and convert more business opportunities.

Is the program sponsored by the Government of Punjab?

No, this program is not sponsored by the Government of Punjab but is supported by them. You will have a chance to interact with key government officials through the program.

How can I get involved?

We’d love to understand how would you like to get involved with the program, we’re always looking out for amazing people to join us on the mission. Please this form and our team will get in touch with you.

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