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The road to entrepreneurship will have many bumps along the way. But you’re all in. Growtherator Bangalore in partnership with the regional ecosystem stakeholders is designed to help women entrepreneurs scale-up their micro-businesses and scale new heights. How?

Through the right guidance and training for entrepreneurs. Be a part of Bangalore’s transformative entrepreneurial journey and let’s Get. Set. Grow!

Ecosystem stakeholders to catalyse the growth
of the entrepreneur

About the program

Growtherator Bengaluru is a curated 6-month Business accelerator program with sessions on the customer, cash, and capacity which includes

  • 100+ hours of program designed to help your businesses show growth and plan for scale
  • Learn industry best practices on recruiting and managing talent, effective cash flow management, and identifying new business opportunities
About the program

Features of the program

Bootcamp to launch program

Mentoring Sessions with industry experts

Peer-to-peer Sessions

Expert Sessions with different ecosystem members

Formal Sessions to develop practical business knowledge

Program Eligibility

We are looking for women entrepreneurs who are the primary decision maker in their business. The business should be well-established, profitable and have an annual net revenue between INR 60 lakhs to 3 Crores for the financial year 2019-2020.

Even during COVID in 2020, the business should generate at least 50 % of the revenue pre pandemic. The business should be in operations for at least 3 years, formalised, registered and fully compliant (including GST).

The women entrepreneur should have demonstrated consistency in commitment to the business, showcased a track record of business growth year on year, and she should want to grow her business.

What is in it for entrepreneurs?

Peer to Peer Learning

A journey of learning and growth with 30 ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself from Bangalore


Connect with industry experts, get support for implementing program learnings in real-time to your business


Chance to interact with successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, bank and finance experts, government officials and others from the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ludhiana

Identify New Business

Learn the business know-how, what it means to scale business in current times

Growth Opportunities

The program will prepare you to understand how to satisfy new customers, inspire your teams to take upon new challenges, communicating your success stories with their peers, build a strategy for your business to grow and more


Improve your leadership to lead not just your business but also create a chance in the local communities by being a role model and inspiring youngsters to follow in your footsteps

Class of 2021


Growth Stories

Benefits of the program


The program aims to provide a growth trajectory for every participant in the cohort through a focus on business development, customer acquisition, improved cash management techniques and capacity building in people and infrastructure.


All participants will also be given training in communications, so that they may communicate their growth stories impactfully to their customers, channel partners, distribution and other institutional stakeholders.


Participants will also become role models for their industry peers, and inspire other women entrepreneurs to start and scale the businesses via features in English and local newspapers, magazines, etc..

The Entrepreneur's Gambit

Although from diverse industries, the Xbians have something in common, their ability to relentlessly follow their passion and make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.  Overcoming obstacles and challenges, they focussed on building their business and now through the program are going to take it to the next level.

Their journey can be an inspiration to many other entrepreneurs and Entrepreneur’s’ Gambit – Conversations with Xbians will be an opportunity to pay it forward.


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GAME and its partners are committed to protecting the emotional, physical, and mental safety of its women entrepreneurs. We are committed to providing and being a safe space for women entrepreneurs.

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