Tariq Khan

Tariq, a 26 year- old from Madhya Pradesh was forced to drop school and pushed in child labour at a roadside dhaba. Due to the lack of alternate means of earning income, Tariq had to eventually accompany his father in manual scavenging. He wanted to work and earn money with dignity and kept looking for alternatives.

He enrolled in the STFC Driver Training Program to learn driving and got placed. He was the only one from his village who came for each and every counselling session and showed interest and commitment. Tariq started working as a second driver for a travel company. He eventually became a driver-owner with Samhita’s help and got a car loan. “My monthly income of ₹ 20,000 allows me to save at least ₹ 7,000 per month. This program has given me the chance to work in a profession with dignity and has changed my destiny.” Tariq Khan.

This entrepreneur’s journey has been supported by Samhita.

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