It was fifteen years ago that Rukmini’s husband Muniraj was diagnosed with a debilitating health condition. Unable to move around on his own or work or earn an income, Muniraj became bound to their home. Since then, the family has been surviving on the meager income that Rukmini earned working as a helper in the local Aanganwadi school. After Rukmini got a chance to attend the Buzz training, Rukmini started seeing possibilities and opportunities.

Her first thought was, “Is there something I can do for my husband?” She went home and talked to her husband and daughter about starting a business. The idea of starting a hotel came and Rukmini decided to pool in her savings. She started saving from Aanganwadi earnings, reduced her monthly expenses and created a capital to start the hotel. Muniraj, with the support of Rukmini, is now running a hotel – fifteen years after he was incapacitated.

This entrepreneur’s journey has been supported by Buzz Women.

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