Naziya Begum is a housewife and has completed her PUC. She is now the epicenter of digital connectivity for Maladakal. “The village hugely benefits from me, they don’t go to the ATM anymore as I am helping everyone to do online transactions”, she said. She was worried that her financial contribution to the household will take her away from her job as a mother and a homemaker.

Being a 1Bridge Advisor gives her the freedom to do things on her time. “People come to me for solutions. They need something but not travel for it – they want to recharge and I provide them the comfort of these services from their villages itself. We have many tasks in a day, to take care of the village, our crops, and families and run the community. I take one task off from a person’s to-do list,” says Naziya!

This entrepreneur’s journey has been supported by 1bridge.

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