Murugan is in the garment business, from Tiruppur in Tamil Nadu. His business partially opened during the month of June (2020) due to COVID-19 lockdown. “The situation is very bad. The total turnover was reduced by 40% compared to before lockdown, similar to the decrease in percentage of profit. Our staff ’s strength was sixty with twenty north Indians (from Bihar and Odisha) and forty local people working as full-time staff. But now only forty of the local staff are working as the other twenty north Indian staff went to their native place. Due to the lockdown, there was no business, and it was impossible to pay salary for all. When twenty of my staff expressed interest in heading back home, I supported their decision. I do hope they will come back after the lockdown ends, but we have not said anything explicitly. There could be a labour shortage problem once business resumes as normal. But, there are no savings with me presently as I have gotten loans for personal needs and paid the salary to the remaining staff, despite the cash crunch.”

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