Chandana is from a small village called Tharabenahalli. After her schooling, there was no opportunity to study further and had to work with her mother on the farm and help her cook. After the training at Head Held High, she worked in various roles like that of an Admin, Accountant etc. However, she wanted to be an entrepreneur.

At the Mission Impossible program, Chandana received the opportunity to pitch her idea of dal papads to an employee at Taj Vivantha. She received the contract to supply the papads , an order which has encouraged her to the scale the business to the retail sector as well. To scale, she is now working on developing the brand of SWAD papads. She hopes that by making the business bigger, she can provide jobs for other women in the village as well. Her aim is to create a platform where the nation can buy healthy food from the villagers and this in turn provides a livelihood to them.

This entrepreneur’s journey has been supported by Head Held High.

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