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About the Program

Women entrepreneurs scaling up their businesses have expressed that the ‘mentoring’ support they receive in the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey has been instrumental in their rapid growth. This program by GAME will provide mentoring to ambitious, committed women entrepreneurs to help them scale-up their existing business significantly and rapidly.

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Program Details


All women entrepreneurs who are running existing businesses across Bangalore and are employing up to 50 employees. Enterprise is sector agnostic (except IT/ software industry). Should be making revenue from her products and no restriction on years of experience.


Remote & online mentoring, using existing communication technologies, and program management tools.


The mentorship program is for 8 months. 1-4 sessions will be phased over 30 days, followed by at least 12 more sessions spread over 7 months.

Why you should attend

Broadly this program will provide:
  • Personal Coaching
  • Goal Setting for personal, professional and company growth
  • Expert mentoring on business issues including customer acquisition, marketing & business development, financial audit of the business for credit-worthiness, HR and employee management

Each entrepreneur will be tagged with at least 1 mentor throughout the program. The objective is to support Entrepreneurs to adapt to the ‘new normal’ post COVID-19

Expectation from entrepreneurs

Stay committed to the mission of the program

Be available for the mentoring services which spans over 14-15 hours approximately, for 8 months

Demonstrate initiative to implement learnings from the program into their businesses.

Provide permission for GAME and its
partners to track the progress of the
mentor-mentee relationship.

At the time of Onboarding, sign
off a participation letter.

Application Process

  • Step 1

    GAME will invite applications to participate in the mentoring program.

  • Step 2

    GAME will also seek nominations from partner EDOs (Entrepreneur Development Organizations)

  • Step 3

    GAME will shortlist based on a combination of application responses, participation in past & existing GAME programs and references.

  • Step 4

    This will be followed by a personal interview for the shortlisted applicants, to select the final candidates for the program.

Mentorship Organization

The mentoring will be done by Earth Impact
Consulting led by Gayatri Sriram & Aparna
Devagiri who have over 15 years of
experience in coaching and mentoring.

They also run a podcast called “Her Business
is our business” which is focused on women


Gayatri Sriram

Startup Coach, Gallup Certified
Personal & Team Coach

Aparna Devagiri

Coach, Researcher,
Facilitator – [email protected]

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