About GAME

The ‘jobs’ challenge

Traditional methods of job creation in India (e.g. white collar jobs, high-growth start-ups, and self-employment) are unable to keep pace with the number of youth entering the workforce. Mass enterprises (MEs), firms with 5 to 20 employees, a common lever of job creation in many countries such as USA, China, Bangladesh, is significantly underutilised in India.

In Aug 2018, influencers and prominent organisations in entrepreneurship development identified the need for a national-level organisation to mainstream and build a thriving ecosystem around mass entrepreneurship.

Our Approach

The ambition of the Alliance is to create 10 million mass entrepreneurs by 2030, half of whom will be women.

GAME will operate through partner organisations, across policy, civil society, academia, and private sector, who will generate fresh insights, opportunity zones, new ideas, innovative technologies, and scalable actions. We firmly believe that solving hard problems requires collective effort, and the Alliance will exist to guide and enable collective impact.

The Alliance encompass three core groups: Alliance members, Taskforces, and the Secretariat. Alliance members will be those working directly with entrepreneurs, and will be primary beneficiaries of the Alliance. Taskforces will be multi-stakeholder groups continuously generating new actions – both local and national – that can grow mass entrepreneurship on the ground. The Secretariat will be a support organisation: advocating for common goals, facilitating discussions, enabling collaborative action, and mobilising resources towards ME.

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Position overview

The Vice President will be part of the Secretariat team, building and supporting the ecosystem for mass entrepreneurship. We are looking for self-motivated individuals with endless energy. The Vice President should possess: prolific network among corporates and market platforms that source from MSMEs, strong problem solving abilities, superior stakeholder management skills, an ability to connect the dots, and excellent communication skills.

Vice President should be capable of ‘doing what it takes’ to support Alliance members and taskforces to deliver on GAME’s impact goals. They should be inspired by and thrive in a collaborative, fast-paced, and continuously evolving environments, function independently, when needed, with a deep personal commitment to both our proximate (e.g. Alliance organisations/overall ecosystem) and ultimate partners (e.g. potential or existing entrepreneurs).

At a minimum, we expect candidates with at least 10 years of experience in MSME sourcing/unlocking markets for MSMEs with at least 5 years of experience in managing multi-stakeholder partnerships. In addition, the candidate should have a master’s degree from a top tier university.


  • Understand and continuously identify high leverage demand opportunities that enable mass entrepreneurship (i.e. sectors, platforms, large scale corporate customers etc.)
  • Constitute a taskforce of relevant market linkage actors that unlock demand for solo (0 employees) & nanopreneurs (1 to 4 employees), enabling them to become mass entrepreneurs
  • Support the taskforce by pulling in relevant expertise, providing technical inputs, and working with the research team to create knowledge assets requested by the taskforce for decision making
  • Manage the market linkage taskforce:
    – Set quarterly, and annual targets for the taskforce in collaboration with the taskforce chair and ensure that these are met
    – Minimize dissonance within taskforce members and ensure that they are aligned to GAME’s goals
    – Pull in relevant data, and/or technical inputs when needed for the taskforce
  • Identify and enable opportunities for cross taskforce collaboration which will bring together expertise, and ideas from all of GAME’s different national taskforces (e.g. finance, entrepreneurship mindsets and skills etc.)
  • Ensure taskforce members find value and meaning through their engagement with GAME, and conversely, they contribute significantly to the ME agenda
  • Ensure learnings from research, evaluations, and pilots that emanate from the taskforce are truly value additive for the ecosystem
  • Continuously onboard high impact/scale partners to achieve GAME’s objectives

GAME’s promise to you

Working with a ‘mission-driven’ and ‘problem focused’ Alliance will help you:

  • Build terrific C-suite networks: the Alliance will include the best and brightest in private sector, social sector, and entrepreneurship thinking and experience to the table; as the market Vice President we will expect you to engage the leadership of Udaan, Swiggy, Amazon etc., to unlock markets for mass entrepreneurship
  • Become a systems thinker: GAME will use multiple pathways (e.g. financing, technology etc.) to grow mass entrepreneurship; overtime, you will be able to connect the dots, seed new partnerships, and make new connections, that enable mass entrepreneurship journeys with a ‘systems integration’ approach
  • Wear many hats, become a reliable generalist: GAME will be an evolving organisation that responds to the critical needs of the ecosystem as they present themselves and so, you will play the role of a strategist, advisor, convenor, facilitator, match maker etc., as and when needed; partners will reach out to you for advice, and expect you to deliver on goals for individual relationships
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset: while this is a key theme for GAME, your colleagues will rely on you to constantly come up with new ideas and drive their execution; ownership will always remain high

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