About GAME

The ‘jobs’ challenge

Traditional methods of job creation in India (e.g. white collar jobs, high-growth start-ups, and self-employment) are unable to keep pace with the number of youth entering the workforce. Mass enterprises (MEs), firms with 5 to 20 employees, a common lever of job creation in many countries such as USA, China, Bangladesh, is significantly underutilised in India.

In Aug 2018, influencers and prominent organisations in entrepreneurship development identified the need for a national-level organisation to mainstream and build a thriving ecosystem around mass entrepreneurship.

Our Approach

The ambition of the Alliance is to create 10 million mass entrepreneurs by 2030, half of whom will be women.

GAME will operate through partner organisations, across policy, civil society, academia, and private sector, who will generate fresh insights, opportunity zones, new ideas, innovative technologies, and scalable actions. We firmly believe that solving hard problems requires collective effort, and the Alliance will exist to guide and enable collective impact.

The Alliance encompass three core groups: Alliance members, Taskforces, and the Secretariat.

Alliance members will be those working directly with entrepreneurs, and will be primary beneficiaries of the Alliance.

Taskforces will be multi-stakeholder groups continuously generating new actions – both local and national – that can grow mass entrepreneurship on the ground.

The Secretariat will be a support organisation: advocating for common goals, facilitating discussions, enabling collaborative action, and mobilising resources towards ME.

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Position overview

As part of our goal to create a mass entrepreneurship movement in India, following our model, we are building location-based task forces in order to understand better and support entrepreneurs across local levels. We’re currently building these taskforces in Punjab and Meghalaya.

The Project Consultants(Meghalaya) will be part of the Meghalaya taskforce and will represent GAME across its engagements in the state. We are looking for self-motivated individuals based in Meghalaya with at least 2 years of experience and a strong educational background from a top tier university.

Project Consultants should have a solid understanding of one or more sectors including Agriculture, Tourism or Eri Silk in the context of Meghalaya and North-East region. They should possess superior analytical, problem solving, and written and verbal communication skills.

They should be able to adopt ‘do what it takes’ to deliver on GAME’s impact goals in the region. They should be capable of functioning independently, when needed, with a deep personal commitment to promote Mass Entrepreneurship in the region.


  • Project implementation: Identify challenges, opportunities and potential through various projects with the aim to promote mass entrepreneurship in Meghalaya.
  • Manage and own relationships with local entrepreneurs, supporting communities, private and government stakeholders in the region and identify high leverage opportunities for collaboration.
  • Analyse trends, stay abreast with innovations, and generate fresh insights in local context to help the taskforce make robust decisions
  • Catalyze mass entrepreneurship by identifying new opportunities, knowledge, and systemic solutions through various events and activities in the region.
  • Build frameworks that can be replicated by testing and validating initiatives in Meghalaya that can drive mass entrepreneurship across the country.
  • Serve as a liaison by sharing experiences, knowledge and learnings from work in Meghalaya into actionable frameworks that can be channelized into GAMEs overall objective.
  • Support important stakeholder meetings: task force meetings, workshops, reporting and other stakeholder activities.

GAME’s promise to you

Working with a ‘mission-driven’ and ‘problem focused’ Alliance will help you:

  • Become a systems thinker: Break down complex problems and identify how different levers, actors, and frameworks can add up to collective impact to grow mass entrepreneurship in Meghalaya.
  • Build terrific networks: Connect with the best and brightest in private sector, social sector.
  • Wear many hats, become a reliable generalist: Play the role of a strategist, advisor, facilitator, match maker etc. for on-ground entrepreneurs and stakeholders in Meghalaya.
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset: Ideate and drive execution of our work to promote mass entrepreneurship in the region by engaging with entrepreneurship through many different pathways

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