About GAME

Solving for the ‘jobs’

Traditional methods of job creation in India (e.g. white collar jobs, high-growth start-ups, and self-employment) are unable to keep
pace with the number of youth entering the workforce. Further, the jobs challenge has been exacerbated due to COVID-19.

Mass enterprises (MEs), firms with 5 to 50 employees, a common lever of job creation in many countries such as USA, China, Bangladesh, is significantly underutilised in India. We aim to change this!

Our approach

Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME) is a platform for mission-aligned partners (Alliance) to learn, innovate and collaboratively build a self-sustaining ME ecosystem.

The ambition of the Alliance is to create and sustain 10 million MEs, half of whom will be women, by 2030.

GAME will operate through an Alliance which comprises of partner organizations across policy, civil society, academia, and private sector to generate fresh insights, opportunity zones, new ideas, innovative technologies, and scalable solutions. We firmly believe that solving hard problems requires collective effort, and the Alliance will exist to guide and enable collective impact.

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About the Project

One of GAME’s initiatives is focused on developing a vibrant ecosystem for women entrepreneurship. Despite Bengaluru’s thriving start-up ecosystem and well-intentioned state policies, women entrepreneurs running non-tech small businesses have faced uphill battles in both starting and scaling up.

We want to create a thriving ecosystem for women MEs inspired by the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Program, pioneered by Prof Daniel Isenberg. The aforementioned program is an operational model of building a vibrant, self-sustaining ecosystem for entrepreneurship that has 4 pillars – demonstrating entrepreneur growth quickly; communicating growth broadly to the ecosystem; sparking ecosystem engagement, and building sustainability. This model has successfully created a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in cities ranging from Milwaukee (America) to Manizales (Colombia).

We are now replicating program in Bengaluru, with our anchor partner AWAKE, under the name “Xcelerator Bengaluru” (Program). If the Program is a success, we will replicate this approach across other cities in our country via our Alliance members.

About the Job

Job PurposeSupport GAME in the management and delivery of the Program in Bengaluru to develop an women entrepreneurship ecosystem model
Duration6-8 months (subject to completion of Program)
Reporting ToGAME’s Vice President, Bangalore Task Force
Critical Results
  • Support the planning, design, documentation and implementation of the Program
  • Provide support and expertise to GAME and anchor partner AWAKE in relation to the Program
  • Collaborate with AWAKE to co-create the program and deliver the pilot cycle of the Program
  • Create playbooks, models and knowledge assets requested by GAME to sustain the Program and replicate it in other geographies
  • Set monthly and quarterly targets with GAME and project lead
  • Advice and guide various stakeholders throughout the project engagement period
  • Understand and continuously identify high leverage opportunities that enable enterprise and ecosystem growth (i.e. sectors, platforms, corporate customer connects, financial connects, association connects, market linkages, etc.)
  • Post identification, onboard the above ecosystem players as Alliance partners and ensure that they find value in their partnership with Program
  • Manage relationships with key government officials, ecosystem enablers, entrepreneurs and influencers and translate it into actionable work contributing to ME ecosystem (including on ground coordination of the Program, as and when necessary)
Expected Outcomes
  • Develop an accelerator model that demonstrates rapid growth for women MEs, involving curriculum development and delivery, handholding services and mentoring for women
  • Work with all stakeholders to align them on the Program’s mission
  • Get commitments from stakeholders (especially Government, financial institutions, entrepreneurship development organizations, etc.) for support the entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Support the selection of the appropriate cohort for the 1st pilot cycle of the Program
Min Qualifications & Relevant Experience
  • At a minimum, we expect the candidate to have a graduate degree from a top tier institution
  • At a minimum, we expect candidates with at least 8 years of work experience, with at least 3 years in multi-stakeholder contexts
  • Experience in entrepreneurship domain either at an accelerator or at a social organization that supports entrepreneurship (preferably women entrepreneurs)
  • Managing and developing partnerships across the ecosystem with funders, financial institutions, entrepreneurship development organizations, etc.
  • Execution of on ground complex multi-stakeholder programs
Expected Outcomes
  • Entrepreneurial skills and attitude (such as self-driven, strong bias for action, etc.)
  • Ability to articulate Program’s objectives to stakeholders, influencers and individuals
  • Demonstrated ability to empathize with challenges of women entrepreneurs
  • In addition to English, fluency in speaking Hindi, and Kannada
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