Sanddhya Yadav

Director, Tulip Fiori

How Sandhya Yadav led Tulip Fiori to bloom into a successful business
In 2005, after leaving a well-paying corporate job for her dream to become a florist, Sandhya Yadav’s first project was to decorate a wedding venue. A two-wheeler and a helper was all she had to finish the job. Cut to 2020, she is managing her shop Tulip Fiori in Bengaluru with a team of 60+ members and her clientele ranges from luxury hotels to temples to private gardens. Know More

Growth Story

Sanddhya Yadav runs Close to Nature by Tulip Fiori, a flower business that provides landscaping services. Her clientele usually comprises luxury hotels and temples and as a result of the lockdown, her business almost came to a standstill.However, Sanddhya’s perseverance helped her close two deals for June and July. This has resulted in a 250% increase in revenue compared to April.