Kirthi Chintalapuri

Founder, Tejas Corporate Services

Growing up, Kirthi Chintalapuri wanted to become an entrepreneur. “I was enamoured by the growth potential it presented, “ she says. After completing her MBA and working in the IT sector, she saw an opportunity in the cooperation training space. Today, ThinkWright Learning Services is a growing learning, training, and leadership development solutions provider with a primary focus on application software development, product development, web development and remote DBA support services. Know more>>

Growth Story

Kirthi Chintalapuri is the Director of Thinkwright Learning Services. She provides learning services to the major system integrators in India. She recently bagged a Contract for providing niche technical training to 300+ people over a period of 2 years with a leading multinational company. This is is expected to fetch sales revenue of a minimum of Rs 10 lakhs a year.

Kirthi credits the landing of this deal to her learning from the XB sessions. After attending the XB session on sales and marketing, she went back and engaged with her customers to understand where she could provide maximum value. She sharpened her value proposition and was able to land this deal.